Yikes–I Went Back To Work!

Almost universally, when I talk about being retired, people say “but you’ll go back to work someday–right?”  I’ve been asking some close friends about this.  Why are people trying so hard to un-retire me?  Are people more comfortable with me if I have a lifestyle similar to theirs?  Well, I guess I’m going to make those folks a bit more comfortable.

I’m adding a word to my title–I’m now Semi-Retired.  I’m an accidental Semi-Retiree.

I guess I’ve been a Semi-Retiree since I started this blog in July.  The blog is work–right?  But I made $20 on the blog last year, and I spent over $3,000.  Most of it was to attend a financial bloggers conference (yep, that exists).  But over $600 was for hosting and software.  So I guess this blog is the worst part-time job ever–but I love it.  And my readership is growing and someday it may make a few dollars (in case the IRS is reading this).

You can click on Support This Blog and access your Amazon account using my link and I get a commission from Amazon for everything you buy.  Last year, my Step-Daddy did just that and, bam, I earned $20!

I really went back to work last week.  The most exciting part is that the work is a result of this blog.  I’m helping a financial services company re-design their customer’s digital experience.  Sounds fancy, right?!  A friend of mine, who is working on this re-design, wanted a bit of input on what information I would want to see on a dashboard about my money.  And he’s paying me!  Don’t tell him, but I would have done it for free–really.  Oh, I guess I did tell him that.

I’m like a 10 year old trying to decide what to do with this found money–my Ipad is on it’s last legs and it’s what I use to keep up on other blogs and generate ideas for articles (in case the IRS is reading this).  I’ll probably buy a new Ipad.  Or it could pay for the continuing education I have to do this year to keep my CPA license–queue the wa-wa-wa music.

But wait, it gets better!  Last weekend, I was asked if I could help my old company streamline some Excel spreadsheets.  Heck yea I could!  Improving spreadsheets and processes were one of my favorite things about my old job.  It’s crazy but I miss taking an inefficient and stupid process and making it faster, easier and more fun.

So I’m super excited to go back to work!

You’ll notice the work is flexible and I can do it from anywhere.  It keeps me connected with people I care about.  It will provide a bit more structure to my life without interfering with my important leisure activities.  And it may allow me to fund an IRA this year.

Oh, and it will make folks more comfortable with my retirement–right?

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Author: Ms. Liz

A CPA, I retired at 51 and I am helping people create their fantastic futures!

2 thoughts on “Yikes–I Went Back To Work!”

  1. Yeah, I am also a big fan of flexible scheduled part time work. That is how I make our “fun money” (but usually spent upgrading our two properties-we live in the Midwest and snowbird at our condo in FL). We have more than enough cash flow for everyday expenses. I fully shut down one PT business when we “bird” and partially shut down the other, taking enough inventory to just keep our online store open for those 3 months. The store requires about 5 hours a week, in FL, but still pays it’s own way.
    I enjoy having something I enjoy doing, to “do”, and the money is nice.

    Through March (past blogs) and working towards Dec. 2017…..

    1. It’s so impressive that you’ve built a business that works in multiple locations, gives you fun money and is something you enjoy doing. Bravo Bruce!

      The snowbird thing is so amazing–I feel so fortunate to be able to chase summer or close to it year-round. For me, it was definitely worth working longer to make this work. I’m glad you’ve pulled this off too!

      Thanks for the time you’ve invested in my blog. It makes me so happy to see you working your way through the old posts. 🙂

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