What mountain biking and achieving goals have in common

I just got in from a great mountain bike ride and I realized mountain biking and achieving goals can be similar.

Your bike will follow your eyes. Stare at the scary rock and you’re screwed.

Stay focused on your mission, the goals and the measurable steps to get there. Avoid focusing on the next shiny object.

Your brain can focus on the distance but still see the obstacles immediately ahead.  Try laying three rocks at intervals of a couple feet immediately in front of you. Focus your eyes 20 feet out–can you still see those three rocks?  Yep!  Keeping your focus further ahead prevents wobbling and jerky riding and allows you to prepare for turns and obstacles.

Those three rocks are your measurable progress points in your S-M-A-R-T goal, 20 feet ahead is your ultimate goal which helps fulfill your mission. Remember to keep your focus on your ultimate goal and your mission.

Speed can be your friend – sometimes.  Take a downhill too slow and a rock or crevice can derail you.  Take it a bit faster and you’ll ride over those obstacles.

Seeing progress by reaching your goals or measurable progress points will keep you motivated to stay on the path. Make sure your goals and progress points are realistic; attach reasonable time frames to them.

Sometimes you need some help.  I have been mountain biking for over 15 years but made the most progress in two days.  I took a weekend clinic and learned from experts.

You are already onto this one – you are reading this blog! Between the internet and your local library, you have unlimited access to experts and people who have achieved what you are trying to achieve.  What can you learn that will help you achieve your goals?

It’s much more fun if friends are along for the ride.  I often ride just to get exercise and fresh air, but I have way more fun when I ride with my husband and friends.

Share your goals with a friend, find an accountability partner and help each other make progress. It’s like having your own cheering section!

What helps you achieve your goals? I welcome your comments.

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Author: Ms. Liz

A CPA, I retired at 51 and I am helping people create their fantastic futures!

5 thoughts on “What mountain biking and achieving goals have in common”

    1. Thank you Gemma! Each time I ride, I think of more but I’m trying to control myself!

      What can you control – speed and attitude
      When you ride through the shade slow down and celebrate your success but don’t get off your bike slow and steady wins
      You will be passed – try to figure out why others are having more success (usually someone 25 years younger than me!)

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