What Is Weighing You Down?

I wrote this a couple months ago–I wish we had 10″ of snow today, that would be super fun.  I woke up this morning thinking about what was weighing me down and decided to put this out into the world.

We were blanketed by 10″ of snow today.  We live 30 minutes from world class ski areas but are in a banana belt where we get much less snow and big storms like this are not that common.  After shoveling the driveway, we grabbed some friends and went cross country skiing on our local golf course.

It was warm and the snow was wet; it was sticking to the middle part of my ski.  It’s pretty hard to glide on a ski when you have a heavy lump of snow underfoot.

This is how life is.  In life, we can’t get where we want when something is weighing us down.  I came up with several ways to get rid of the snow.  Each sort of worked but none worked great.

Each problem or weight is different and will take different tactics to remove it.  You will need to be creative and come up with the ways that work best for you.

To keep the snow from returning, I found that staying in motion or following my friend’s tracks worked.  This feels like life to me.  If something is keeping me from reaching my goals or creating my best life, it is best to keep moving.  Any movement or progress works–even the smallest progress.  And following a friend or learning from someone who is ahead of me on the path makes it easier.

Think about how the weight is serving you.  It is difficult to make a change if you are getting some benefit from the thing that is also hampering your progress.  When skiing, it is much easier to go uphill when you have a glob of snow on your ski.  So this thing that was hampering me most of the time was helping me occasionally.

In life, change is difficult–especially when others depend on you staying the same.  You may find you have no time or energy for someone who doesn’t have their $hit together once you do.  Friends who depend on your weakness may be threatened by your strength.  Prepare yourself for change by identifying how something that is limiting your growth is also serving you.

What is keeping you from the life you dream of?

Are you staying in motion toward that life?

Who can help you get there?  Can you learn from someone or make the path easier by sharing it with a friend?

How is this thing that is limiting you most of the time, serving you some of the time?  Can you replace it with something that doesn’t come with a lump of snow?

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