Time is the Ultimate Limited Resource

I just had a huge, kick-ass reminder that we are not in charge.

Our community lost a friend, a leader, really the belle of the ball on Monday.  Julie was 48 years old, she had a husband and three beautiful, amazing and talented children.  She lived a stones throw from me.  She led a sister company to the one I retired from.  The email from her boss said “we lost our Julie”.

I was friends with her but not in her inner circle.  Her inner circle was strong and deep.  She drew such nice friends to her–gals who really have each other’s backs.  She hosted many of their gatherings at her home and loved the chaos of many people, lots of kids and too much wine.

She was so cool.  She was the drummer in a local band of mothers for awhile.  At company parties, she was the one living loud amongst her tribe.  Her Facebook page is filled with pictures of her in her goofy rock climbing helmet.

Many times when we were on our local trails, we would run into Julie. Queue huge smile and sweaty face.  She always interrupted her run to stop and check in with us.  She cared about people and was so good at maintaining connections.  She cared about her health and prioritized her fitness but couldn’t prevent a blood clot from taking her life.

I wished I could be more like her–her confidence, her openness, her pursuit of fun.

I spend time planning my financial future.  One of my spreadsheets goes out to age 101, some stop at 85.  None stop at 48.

There’s something to be learned from everything.  When we lose someone too young, we’re reminded that the only guarantee we have is this moment right now.   Time is the ultimate limited resource–use it wisely.

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Author: Ms. Liz

A CPA, I retired at 51 and I am helping people create their fantastic futures!

4 thoughts on “Time is the Ultimate Limited Resource”

  1. Thank you for the reminder. Seems we all need to be reminded now and then what is really important in life. We should all treat our time as precious. I have stopped attending a few events with certain people because I just don’t enjoy them and don’t like spending my time with them. I may offend a host or two, yet in the long run I have to be happy with myself and how I use my time.

    Sure we all want to save money for the future, yet let’s remember to enjoy our time today with less money. Do one thing you love to do each day–Call your friend/daughter, get outside, do something creative or take a warm bath. Watch that you don’t ‘waste’ time in your life by spending hours in front of the TV or on your cell phone.

    Funny thing about time, it has things in common with money. Things we do with time and money: Save it, spend it, waste it, enjoy it, use it, lose it, invest it and share it.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment CH!

      The balance part is really important. In my early years, I was overly focused on the end goal and wasn’t enjoying life enough while I got there. Mr. Ms. Liz and I started checking in with each other to make sure we weren’t sacrificing too much today for a distant future that may never arrive. His Mom passed away at 64–one year before her anticipated retirement. That put it all into perspective for us.

      Our time is a gift, we should give it to those whom deserve and earn it. I too have shut some folks out of my life. I have no time for drama or for those who are unhappy but living their lives on repeat.

      I wish I had realized how time and money were so related earlier in my journey–you sum it up skillfully!

  2. Sorry for your loss Liz.

    Such a wake-up call for the rest of us to embrace each and every day, and to share what we have as it may just help another. Thanks for your sharing.

    Love that you have a spreadsheet to age 101!

    1. Thank you Amy.

      Each day and each moment we share with those we love is such a gift. This loss has reminded me of that gift and of the amazing community in which we live.

      Ha! The spreadsheet to 101 was just a overzealous copy/paste that wasn’t corrected. Good to know I didn’t run out of money though 🙂

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