The Power Of One Word

I just got back from a mountain bike ride.  It’s one I do regularly because it is a good lung buster that helps me get in shape.  But I haven’t ridden this trail in six months.  Our desert trails are much flatter and I’ve only been back at altitude for a week.  So it felt really hard.  I got to the top without taking any breaks–though I felt like I might puke.

I know exercise is good for my body and my brain.  But getting out and exercising regularly doesn’t come easy for me.  And I’m especially bad at making myself do the hard stuff like I did today.

I was tempted to put my foot down, take a break and get my breathing under control.

I had my mantra running through my head

“You can do it”    over and over and over

And it wasn’t working.  It felt really hard.

So I changed my mantra to

“You will do it”     over and over and over

And it got easier.

One little word made it easier.

I was reminded how powerful our brain is.

If we say we can’t do something, we likely can’t.
If we say we can do something, we likely can.
But if we say we will do something, we will.

And I did.  I added “Pedal faster” and it got even easier.

Speed helps whether you’re on a bike or pursuing your goals.

Can you change your mantra?  What you tell yourself matters–a lot. 

What will you do to meet your goals?  What will you do to speed up?  Get out there and kick some A$$!

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Author: Ms. Liz

A CPA, I retired at 51 and I am helping people create their fantastic futures!

6 thoughts on “The Power Of One Word”

  1. I have an executive I work with whose favorite saying is hope is not a strategy. So much of success is attitude. I think or hope indicates some hesitation which might keep you from committing. I know means your committed and if you miss, you’ll pick yourself up and keep going until you hit.

    1. I love this FTF! I will and I know are both powerful forces. Our internal dialog can help us get where we want to go or, if it is negative, it can easily derail us.

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