Sometimes What Is Least Expensive Is Best

I just got back from a few days in Sedona, Arizona.  I hadn’t been there in about 25 years and I was reminded what a beautiful, spiritual place it is.  The contrast of the bright red canyon walls with the evergreens and the blue sky was stunning.  I wish I could come up with a bigger word than stunning but stunning will have to do.

The way this trip came together was complete serendipity (desirable discoveries by accident).  I’m not a great travel planner so I LOVE serendipity.

Our Colorado neighbor and great friend, Melanie, has become the travel and outdoor recreation coordinator for a group of friends whom she calls her tribe.  I was fortunate to be included on many of her biking and hiking journeys this summer and met various members of the tribe.  Each member of the tribe is active and fun–I think I laugh more than I speak when we are together.

Their fall trip has been in planning for months and they selected Sedona partially because Melanie has a close friend with an AirBNB rental there.  When she learned that Mr. Ms. Liz and I would be a mere two hours away, we were invited to join them for a hike, oh and mutual friends just happen to have an empty timeshare reserved that we should use.

We ended up going for three days and joined them for two hikes.  The hiking was amazing, one was led by the AirBNB host who was so excited to share her Sedona with us, we all fell in love with the place and with her.

We were also invited to join the group for dinners.  Delicious dinners prepared by different members of the tribe each night accompanied by lovely wines, scramble games to find our seats and followed by cards.  Priceless fellowship and fun for me.

I’m not familiar with each couple’s financial situation but I suspect we could all have afforded to go out for lovely dinners in town.  They would have been expensive – probably well over $100 per couple.  They would not have been as delicious or enjoyable as the dinners prepared in the small AirBNB kitchen.

And we would have been kicked out when we started playing a highly competitive version of Screw Your Neighbor which we call Polish Poker.  We were only playing for nuts and the swear words were flying!  I’m sure we would have been shocked and shocking if we were playing for money!

But here’s my point.  This was an inexpensive trip but for me it was priceless.  It would not have been better if we had stayed at a fancy resort, nor if we dined in fancy restaurants.

What made it so great was that the people were so great.  Melanie had found her tribe and then graciously shared that tribe with us–one of the best gifts I’ve received.


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