My Lovely, Inefficient Life

I read a lot of my fellow bloggers stuff.  Some, I read because I love how they write (frugalwoods), some, I read because I love how they think (OurNextLife),  some I read because they are irreverent (BitchesGetRitches), and some, because they have such great hacks.

Many of the hacks are to help people save time.  Because these bloggers have to fit a lot into each day.  They often have full time + jobs and families and successful, money making, blogs.  I run a money losing blog and it still takes a lot of time.  I can’t even imagine how much time is devoted to a money making blog–oh the pinterest pins, the facebook groups, the tweeting that is necessary . . . it’s so daunting, I haven’t even attempted it.

And, I have to admit, when I read about hacks to save time, I kind of giggle inside.  I’m still celebrating that I don’t need to be so damn efficient.

I’ve created a life for myself that has a ton of inefficiency built into it . . . because I can.

This came to light not long ago when I was making my salad for lunch.  Mr. Ms. Liz asked why I made a salad every day.  Why didn’t I make multiple salads at a time?

When I worked, I’d make two or three salads at a time so I could grab and go.  Busy, busy, busy, worky, worky, worky.

But now, I listen to a podcast and joyfully create a salad each day.  Because I can.

Then Mr. Ms. Liz and I eat our lunches whilst watching The Price is Right.  My, now, not so secret addiction–oh and I do shout out the prices of things and who doesn’t love Drew?

And if something comes up, like it did this week, when my fake kids needed help watching their toddler (my fake grand), I can easily fit that in.  Because this lovely, inefficient life can accommodate the unexpected.

But this life was built on decades of maximizing efficiency so I could work (at times, a lot), and keep a home in order, and prepare food, and keep an eye on my spending and investments, and make time to play with Mr. and our friends, and parcel out some down time for myself.

Because I’m happiest when I have a lot of down time.

So I’m thankful for those efficient years.  And especially for the time I devoted to keeping an eye on my spending and my investments.  Because that time bought me this lovely, inefficient life.

What are you doing today to create your lovely, future life?

Photo credit:  Ms. Liz in Moab, Utah

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Author: Ms. Liz

A CPA, I retired at 51 and I am helping people create their fantastic futures!

5 thoughts on “My Lovely, Inefficient Life”

  1. The “inefficient life” sounds lovely 🙂 I find that I also need time to reset and live a bit inefficiently. I am a type A personality and tend to be on “go-mode” all the time, so I have to work hard to let myself relax and enjoy the moment. It can be hard with a full-time job, a toddler and my personal goals, but it is so important 🙂

    1. I’m impressed that you are able to prioritize some down time in spite of your busy schedule! My day and a half with my fake grand was so fun but also exhausting. I wish I possessed the balancing talents that my mom friends have–there should be a spot on your resumes for that! But then, it is nice to be at a time in life where creating balance isn’t difficult.

  2. We’re definitely in that building phase ourselves with the big goal of being able to settle into a consciously inefficient life without remorse, but there are definitely moments where I luxuriate in my ability to just enjoy what’s in front of me. Similar to Mrs. Adventure Rich, I’ve got the full time job, the toddler, the dog, the blog, and managing our money to juggle but so much of our current life could not have been possible without the work we did in a previous building decade so it gives me hope that our efforts now will pay off in the future again.

    I love that you’re already there!

    1. You are so smart to focus on balancing loving life today with loving life years from now! You don’t get these years back (especially with a little one!) so this is incredibly important. The early part of FI seems too hard and progress is too small. The later part seems too easy and progress undeserved. You’ve got the tough part behind you so enjoy this time and thanks for stopping by!

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