Make The Hard Choices

I just watched a TED talk by Tim Ferriss.  It is well worth 13 minutes of your time to watch the entire talk but one thing he said struck me:

“Easy choices, hard life
Hard choices, easy life”

Jerzy Gregorek as told to Tim Ferriss

This statement is true in so many areas of our lives but, I believe, particularly true when thinking about our finances.

Buying something on credit–easy
Paying for your past rather than saving for your future–hard

Learning new skills and making ourselves more valuable at work–hard
Taking home a bigger paycheck–easy

Aligning your spending with your values–hard
Having money for the things that matter most–easy

You get it.  Think about what you’re struggling with, what choices can you make that will turn that struggle into something that is easy?

My life is astonishingly easy right now.  I don’t worry about money.  I only set my alarm for fun things.  I’m meeting new people and enjoying new activities.  The decisions I’m struggling with fall squarely in the category of first world problems.

But my easy life was built on a foundation of hard choices–saving rather than spending, working rather than playing.

The choice is yours–make it a hard one.

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Author: Ms. Liz

A CPA, I retired at 51 and I am helping people create their fantastic futures!

4 thoughts on “Make The Hard Choices”

  1. So true. Much of what we do is easy choices. We want the easy way out and are not willing to put in extra time and effort to gain traction and jump ahead in our lives. Hope you enjoy an easy day after a lifetime of hard decisions!

    1. Thanks DDD! Great point about the importance of traction–and it often takes a tough choice to gain it. Hopefully there are lots of easy days ahead!

      My apologies for the late response, your comment went to spam 🙁

  2. Oddly I was a huge success at work and never worked hard. I never stayed later than 5 PM unless I was just caught up in something I couldn’t put down until tomorrow, which happened a lot. Work was always one of my favorite hobbies. I’d bring stuff home sometimes and my wife would work on it with me and we’d both have fun! Honestly I always made the easy choice, to do what was fun, which was work, and my life has turned out great! I always felt like a bad example, I rarely studied in school, just naturally could do engineering without studying and was even better at doing it for money after school. Anyway, I agree with your premise but for some people it never feels like any of their decisions are hard, even if they are the ones that have the best long term reward.

    1. Wow, I wish more people had your experience with work! Those for whom easy decisions create happiness and wealth are the lucky ones.

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