About Me

I am a CPA and I retired in the spring of 2016 at 51.

I am passionate about helping people create their fantastic future.

Each of us must decide what our fantastic future looks like. Yours will not work for me and mine will not work for you.  The vision of your future must be really fantastic or you will not do the work to make it happen.  I’ll show you what worked for me and help you figure out what will allow you to achieve your fantastic future.

My husband and I were high earners and are low spenders.

We spend money on experiences and things that truly enhance our lives. If something does not enhance our life, we skip it.

We had very high savings rates—up to 70% of our net pay at the end of our careers. I say savings rates because we always kept our money separate—it has worked for over 27 years.

But, we are not frugal—we spend money generously where it matters to us.

We live in a ridiculously large home near world class ski areas in Colorado; we have a boat and a vacation home. We purchased and built them without debt.

We buy new or nearly new vehicles but drive them for 10 years.

We have had no consumer debt for over 25 years and have been debt free for over 10 years. Being debt free allowed us to build real wealth.  That wealth is allowing us to live our fantastic life.