Happy New Year!

Happy New Year y’all and cheers to a great 2017!

Here’s a great article from Brent Esplin of The Micawber Principle to get your year started right – Separating the Essential from the Important.  This article is well worth the few minutes it will take to read it but since we’re all extra busy this time of year, here’s the summary.  How about focusing on one of these essentials each month next year? 

















Your Behavior

Your Knowledge

Your Behavior

The Stock Market’s Behavior

Big Financial Decisions

Small Financial Decisions

Brent highlights the importance of discovering your why.  If you haven’t worked on your why lately (or ever) this article can help you get started.  Knowing your why keeps you from getting derailed from your path–or helps you get back on your path after you are derailed.

Master Your Money – Build the Foundation For Your Dreams


12 Steps To A Kick A$$ Life

How should you balance your different financial goals?  Should you save for retirement before your credit cards are paid off?  How about student loans?  I thought it might help to talk about the steps to reach financial independence.

Want to accelerate your progress through these steps???  Calculate your net worth regularly and track your spending.  And to stay on track with these steps, you have to figure out your why.  Otherwise, it will be way to easy to start chasing the next shiny object rather than keeping your eye on the prize that matters most to you.

Ok here they are, Ms. Liz’s steps to a Kick A$$ Life: Continue reading “12 Steps To A Kick A$$ Life”

Your Cheat Codes For Real Life

We’re in for a real treat today!  MitchTheCatSitter, a frequent and insightful commenter on Ms. Liz has written a guest post for us.

You youngins out there probably know what a cheat code is.  This old lady had to Google it.  A cheat code is a trick that gamers use to bypass the tough parts of a video game in order to win.  Mitch has laid out four cheat codes that will help you bypass the tough parts of your financial life and allow you to live your kick a$$ life.

Mitch is living a pretty kick a$$ life of his own.  He and his wife reached financial independence in their 40’s by working hard, maintaining a high savings rate and investing in real estate.  Pretty much by following the cheat codes he has laid out for us below.

But don’t you dare call him retired as he will be quick to remind you that he drives a bus . . . one day a week, in the winter.  When he’s not playing bus driver, he can be found playing with his backhoe, riding motorcycles, playing bridge, managing their real estate holdings or investing their portfolio.

So without further ado . . . MitchTheCatSitter:

Okay, you’re not in the 1% and may never be. Who cares? Wouldn’t you rather have a meaningful life anyway? Grinding away to climb the corporate ladder has no appeal. Being nimble and sampling all of what life has to offer is what is attractive. Meaning and mobility come waaaayyyyyy before money. Continue reading “Your Cheat Codes For Real Life”

Are You Ready For A Challenge?

The good folks over at Frugalwoods are hosting an Uber Frugal Challenge during the month of January.

Daily inspirational emails, a facebook group and one helpful hound will guide you through this challenge.

Seriously good folks–she’s my favorite contributor to the frugal blog world.  Her articles are very personal, entertaining and warm.  Even if you’re not that frugal (like me!), you’ll be entertained and informed.

Interested?  Get the details at Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Challenge and sign up!  It’s free and a great way to jump start your financial success in 2017!

On Finding My Retirement Balance

There are a couple balances that really matter in retirement.

We’ve talked a lot about financial balances.  How much money you have, how much you spend and how much you need.  This balance is important so you can have a retirement free from excess worry.

I’m a worrier so it’s impossible to think that I would not worry about my finances in retirement.  But I have adequate cushions and contingency plans so I don’t have to worry about money . . . much.

The other balance that I’m still trying to figure out is how to balance my time.  Continue reading “On Finding My Retirement Balance”