What mountain biking and achieving goals have in common

I just got in from a great mountain bike ride and I realized mountain biking and achieving goals can be similar.

Your bike will follow your eyes. Stare at the scary rock and you’re screwed.

Stay focused on your mission, the goals and the measurable steps to get there. Avoid focusing on the next shiny object. Continue reading “What mountain biking and achieving goals have in common”

How to achieve your financial goals

You have big plans and exciting goals. Some years you even make resolutions but you are not happy with your progress.  You:

want to save money

or get out of debt

or have better control over your finances

But you have wanted this for a long time and progress is too slow.

The first step is not to lay out the details of your goal; the first step is to figure out your why. Continue reading “How to achieve your financial goals”